Bob Prince Guitar

One of the perks to being identified as a “fingerstyle guitarist” is that it frees the artist from the confinement of any one particular genre. You are simply a guitarist who uses fingers instead of a pick to get a sound. This allows for a broad canvas on which to paint.

Such is the case with guitarist/composer Bob Prince. From childhood and teen years’ instruction in classical and jazz piano to folk/country/blues acoustic guitar, to screaming electric guitar, and onward to classical, Spanish, resophonic and jazz guitar, this artist has covered a lot of ground over the years.

Exposure to and love of these various musical forms has allowed Bob to create his own unique style. The writings could be purely within one particular genre or a synthesis of different musical elements, past and present.

This site will introduce you to some of Bob’s sound paintings on the acoustic guitar. Stay tuned for more ensemble work on the electric side as well.